Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rating and Review System

I am going to introduce a star system to Beauty-licious by Elle, so I thought I would give a brief explanation of what each star means

*ONE STAR= I wouldnt recommend this product, I do not find it delievers what it specified and was a waste of time and money.

**TWO STARS= Did not full deliever what it was specified, it was not good value for money nor would I HIGHLY recommend this product

***THREE STARS= An avergae product which did not meet my personal needs or complete the task I had in mind, however others with different conditions may mind it worthwhile.

****FOUR STARS= A worthy product which I would recommend, it was close to satifying my needs within a product, however I may keep looking for a replacement which is more suitable, but in the mean time with will do.

*****FIVE STARS= A Fantastic product which I am not going to continuously use, it met and fulfilled all of the requirements I had for it. If your needs are similar to mine then I would definately recommend it.

While doing reviews of products there are specific things I will be asking myself in order to rate and analyse products fairly. Some questions will be:

Was it worth how much I paid?
Would I use it again?
Did it meet the specific needs which I outlined before my review?
Would I allow other people to spend their money on it?
Have any customers shared their experiences and were they positive or negative?
Did it have any negative effects on my body?
Is it environmentally friendly?
Pro's and Con's
Things which could make it better?


Dry Hand Solution

So recently, my hands have become really dry, to the point they peel, in particular along my index and middle finger (which are the main fingers I DID use to put my foundation on). I tried a lot of moisturisers and some of them seemed to solve the problem, however once the cream dried out my hands would return to normal!! I do wash my hands quite regulary, which could be another reason they are dying out.
ANYWAY!! I went to my local chemist and was advised to use a cream called aquacream! which I was a bit hesistant to use because it is more of a chemically based with urea of all things in it.
However i decided to give it a go. I applied a lot of it over night to the worse parts of my hands and as crazy as it might sound I also put socks over my hands to retain all the moisture!!
To my suprise I woke up and my hands were all cleared! I have found this is very effective and to just apply it at night is so easy! Although during the day I do use other hand moisturisers, keep my hands moiste during the whole day. My daily one which I love is the Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Formula, it is only around $7AUS and each small bottle has 200 applications in it, as a little bit goes a long way!!